Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

CD from Elhadji Dieme

Contemplative Kora music from Senegal

Cd from Elhadji Dieme, Senegal

suitable for Christmas time.
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Highlight in Senegal, June 2019

The Final Spurt  
Üben mit Elhadji

The last weeks of the kindergarten year were an intense time, but also something special for all of us, as we practiced songs and dances for the school's closing party. The children showed a lot of joy and I myself enjoyed this time together very much, savoring the special relationship I have with the children, before my annual stay in Switzerland. To participate in the lessons, to support the children as well as the teachers, by helping to create a versatile learning environment, is not only the most beautiful part of my project work, but also the most important.

Marielle, Kinder tanzen  
Aufführung Lird und Tanz
Fröhliche Mütter

Finally, on the 12th of June, the day had come. The kindergarten was filled mostly with women on this festive day and the children proudly presented their performances to their mothers. The classroom itself also had a great effect on the visitors with the pictures of the children, the different play areas and facilities which were added during the year. In addition, the musical entertainment of Elhadji Dieme with his Kora contributed a lot to the boisterous atmosphere and invited the children to do some cheerful dancing. And in between, the little ones had a lot of fun playing with the different games.

Fest und Klassenraum
Schultaschen Geschenk

There were sweet and salty treats made by some hardworking women. And at the end of the festivity, I gave each child a present. Especially the soon-to-be school children showed exuberant joy, when I handed each one of them a backpack filled with the most important ustensils for school, such as notebooks, pencils and a ballpoint pen. The pride and anticipation of going to school was visibly shining in their eyes.

Fröhliche Stimmung
Ausgelassenes Tanzen

The happiness that radiated from the children and the teachers touched me deeply. The feeling of contentment that spreads through me, encourages me in my future plans. So now I am looking forward to the new school year and can hardly wait to see some further development in Goudiabya / Sédhiou. At the same time I would like to include the other already existing Kindergartens in this city, which are in poor condition. Some of the classrooms are incomplete, have little material for the lessons and often no outdoor playgrounds.

A Tree for each Class  
Baum setzen Marielle
Baum setzen Elhadji

At the spur-of-the-moment, I had the idea that all three classes should plant a tree that we could observe and watch how it grows and develops. At the same time I would like to promote appreciation for nature, when we can enjoy the welcome shade these trees will offer. Elhadji and I found three different tree species, which were suitable. The children were allowed to plant a very small and tender tree for the "petite section", a medium tree for the "moyenne section" and a larger one for the "grand section". It was a happy and impressive experience for all of us. Now we hope that the young plants will grow well and thrive during the rainy season and the long holidays until October.

Raclette-Evening at the Swiss Embassy in Dakar 
Raclett Küche
suisse car rapide

The invitation from the Swiss Embassy to its annual celebration was a huge surprise. Thanks to the gift of the Swiss flag (report from May 2019), our contact has consolidated, which I greatly appreciate. It was a wonderful evening. The stylishly decorated garden was filled with about 100 people, Swiss and African mixed. It didn't take long for interesting conversations to get underway between the visitors of both nations. An African choir accompanied the exuberant atmosphere, as did the Woman-DJ who played music from all former and present times. After all the different delicious appetizers were eaten, the smell of melted cheese wafted through the air. A genuine Valais cheese was melted under the heat of the raclette-oven. And it was equally "delicious" that it was skimmed off by some Senegalese and then decorated with the traditional ingredients. "Bon appetit!"
The Suisse Car Rapide was especially funny and painted just as colorfully as the typical minibuses that do not drive, at all fast, through Dakar. The Swiss version was very popular that evening. With a selection of costume utensils it was the photo hit of the evening. The general cheerfulness and beautiful encounters made this evening an unforgettable experience for me and Elhadji.
At this point, once again, a big thankyou to the whole team.



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