Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

CD from Elhadji Dieme

Contemplative Kora music from Senegal

Cd from Elhadji Dieme, Senegal

suitable for Christmas time.
Also an ideal Christmas gift for the soul.
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Marielle mit Martin Stettler von der schweizer Botschaft

Once again, a special visitor announced himself last month. After the employees of the Swiss Embassy in Dakar had watched the program "Auf und davon", they had a spontaneous idea. This was due to a certain scene. Anyone who watched the program will understand it right away.

Übergabe der Schweizer Fahne

On site of the kindergarten itself, an original Swiss flag was handed over to me, donated by the Swiss Embassy. The big smile on my face could not be missed. Just wonderful! Now the white cross on a red background presents itself in its original size.

Elhadji hängt Schweizer Fahne auf
The Flag is Hoisted, 24 April 2019

Without much time for advance planning, a small ceremony was hosted. Once again, the great cooperation of my closest team members was expressed. I told the children a little bit about Switzerland. They were very interested. My project partner, Elhadji Dieme, mounted both the Swiss and the Senegalese flag.

kleine Feierlichkeit

As we gathered, everyone, teachers and kindergarten children were very pleased. Spontaneously a rhythmic "Merci Suisse" was improvised and of course the Senegalese anthem was sung as well. It was sung vigorously, accompanied by by Elhadji playing the Kora. I didn't take long for the atmosphere to turn festive.

Elhadji und Marielle vor Logotafel

The logo board received its last brush stroke yesterday. The know-how from my first apprenticeship as a painter encouraged me to do this job myself, and soon the colorful hands will get their own special place. It is important for me to showcase the successful cooperation with our partner organization «Ndimbal xale yi», respectively its president, Elhadji Dieme.


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