Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

CD from Elhadji Dieme

Contemplative Kora music from Senegal

Cd from Elhadji Dieme, Senegal

suitable for Christmas time.
Also an ideal Christmas gift for the soul.
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Kindergarten Oberentfelden, Easter Market

Osterhase sagt Dankeschön

5 April 2019

Two kindergarten classes made an attracive and colorful range of crafts that were sold at the Easter Market. The grand total of Fr. 1'200.- was donated to kindergardens4senegal.

To all of the teachers and children, thank you very much for your commitment and dedication as well as to all of the visitors who helped reach this large sum by buying these beautiful crafts.

bemalte Einkaufstaschen schöne Blumenvasenbemalte Zündholzschachteln



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Thank you for your donation.
Marielle Furter

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